Bobby Wilkerson & Associates is not a part of this program. They have no responsibilities or obligations with regard to the services offered on this page.

Before I introduce this service here I want to make it extra clear that this program is not a part of   John Bagley for Wilkerson partnership.  I am using this website location to announce this service, not because it is part of the partnership and services offered by John Bagley for Wilkerson but because the site is a channel through which previous B&H customers are contacting me to either service product or manufacture product from B&H line. Do not contact Bobby Wilkerson & Associates on any matters with regard to B&H product.  

Contact infobagleyhotchkiss.com for all questions regarding B&H product


I am pleased to announce I am a position to service and manufacture most Bagley & Hotchkiss product, however, there will some limitations depending on the availability of materials and model molds

I am doing this for three reasons. The first is that I feel a commitment to all of the customers that have bought and enjoyed the John Bagley collections.

The second is much to own delight there are still end-user customers going into stores and wanting “vintage” John Bagley designs.  

The third reason is that I want my previous friends and retailers to know the newborn John Bagley for Wilkerson is passionately pursing the art of making exciting and dramatic jewelry - and never ending dazzling designs. 

It is my hope that my new collections will enjoy the same success with retailers and consumers that my creations have received through B&H for the last 30 years. It is my firm belief that my new work is some of the most artistic and visually exciting work I have ever done.


I am in possession of most of the B&H molds if you need a piece or pieces reproduced you can order it through Info BagleyHotchkiss.com. We will quote you at current market. Please give the following information

B&H style number –if you do not have a style number send a picture or a drawing

Gold Color and Karat  

Rings size

Diamond quality – our standard quality is SI –GH color

If it is a colored stone – give color and expectations of stone quality

For diamond product give size of center stone.

Opal is and always will be my favorite of gemstones; however I do not manufacture new opal product at this time - if this changes in the future I will let you know however I will be able to do opal repairs on some B&H product but not all. My ability to do so will be subject to the availability of the replacement material and your customer’s willingness to pay for the replacement.   

I am pleased to state that I can service opal, however this service has its limitations. I am not Bagley & Hotchkiss with several kilo’s of various qualities and grades of opal rough –each with their own characteristics. I am John Bagley with a small bag of opal and the promise of an Australian miner that he will send more when I am out.  I will not be able to match all and any pieces of opal. I will be limited to what I have on hand.  If I have seek out opal rough that I do not have –this process could take several weeks and even then it may be impossible to replace certain pieces of opal because they are so unique in color fire and pattern.

If I have not thoroughly discouraged you please read on.

Before an opal repair is received in, I would like to be almost certain we have the material available to do the repair and that the price is acceptable.   I have therefore established the following procedures on repairs.

  • All opal repairs must have an AR# You will have to email us and receive an opal . We will give you an AR number once we have been given a description of the ring – most preferable a picture that show the problem and the type of opal used in the piece. We will not receive in product that has not been identified with a B&H stock number
  • Once we have the style number and idea of what kind of opal , how large, and how  many pieces need to be replaced we will then send digital images on the opal in our inventory  available for replacement and giver you a quotation on the repair.
  • We will need an email authorization to proceed if both the opal and the repair cost are acceptable.


  • Repair only –one week in the factory, one week shipping
  • Remake –assuming we have the model on hand – two weeks in the factory one week shipping.
  • Make new model - four weeks


  • If you are a current customer of John Bagley for Wilkerson the terms are 30 days.
  • If you are not a current customer payment l must be paid on a Performa invoice or COD.
  • You will be charged for shipping.